Reimagine reality this fall at HackGT 7 from October 16th-18th! We’re back for the seventh iteration of our signature event to support you as you reimagine and create your own world!

This year, we’ll be welcoming 2,500 participants from all over to win bigger prizes, learn new things, and build new worlds. Our first ever virtual event will redefine what it means to have an incredible hacker experience. We’ll be supplying workshops, mentors, and tech talks - all the tools to help bring your imagination to life. After all, your imagination can shape reality!


To participate in HackGT 7 and to be eligible for prizes:

  • Projects must have their Devpost submission linked on
  • Projects must be in compliance with our Cheating Policy, described below.
  • Teams can consist of up to 4 members. These members can consist of General Hackers, Emerging Hackers, or any mixture of the two.
  • All team members must have been accepted and confirmed on the HackGT 7 registration portal.
  • All team members must be at least 18 years or older or be a student at Georgia Tech.  Aditionally, all team members must be current or incoming students at a US college or university.

Note: some opt-in/sponsor prizes may have more stringent eligibility criteria than what is listed above.

HackGT 7 Cheating Policy

By submitting your project to HackGT 7, you affirm:

  • The project was created during HackGT 7 (between 8pm ET on Friday, October 16 and 9am ET on Sunday, October 18)
    • You are allowed to use a template or set up boilerplate prior to the event. However, the bulk of the work must be done during the event.
  • The project has not been submitted to any other hackathons or competitions
  • Only the people listed in the submission worked on the project
  • The project is the team's original work
    • You are allowed to use existing open source code (e.g. npm), use resources such as Stack Overflow, and consult with mentors. If you use template or open source code, please provide the link as a citation.
    • You cannot use an already existing project as your submission. Your project must add significant new functionality.

We reserve the right to monitor for cheating both manually and using automated technologies. Projects that do not meet these requirements will be excluded from judging and be ineligible for prizes.


Please include a video no longer than two (2) minutes describing your project with your submission!

Remember to link your Devpost submission on!

Hackathon Sponsors


$27,986 in prizes

1st Place Overall

2nd Place Overall

Top 8 Overall (8)

Emerging Hackers: Best Overall

Awarded to the best Emerging Hacker Track project.

Emerging Hackers: Best Design

Awarded to the most visually aesthetic Emerging Hacker Track project.

Emerging Hackers: Most Creative

Show us your originality and outside-the-box thinking!

Emerging Hackers: Most Impactful

Let’s solve real world problems!

Emerging Hackers: Best in Curriculum Track (4)

Awarded to the best Emerging Hacker Track project in each of the Web Development, App Development, Data Science, and Gaming/Graphics tracks.

BlackRock: Give us your best chatbot! (2)

The idea of chatbots have been around since the 1960's with ELIZA, created at the MIT and was one of the first Chatterbots. ChatBots can help ease communication while providing conversational chat functionality by using Natural Programming Language to mimic human interaction.

Your mission (should you choose to accept it!) Build a finance Chatbot that interacts with users to visualize portfolio/securities analysis (like performance, market data, historical data, any-other-cool-ideas ) while leveraging BlackRock APIs and other public APIs to enable integration with different channels.

NCR: Develop a disruptive and innovative solution that solves at least one of NCR’s most significant problems for Banks, Stores, or Restaurants (5)

Develop a disruptive and innovative solution that solves at least one of NCR’s most significant problems for Banks, Stores, or Restaurants.

For all information about the challenge, please go to

Anthem: Personalized, digital medicine in the age of COVID and beyond (5)

The COVID pandemic has disrupted the traditional medical model, and this year for the first time ever, more than 50% of Americans have done medicine digitally. Anthem's mission is to accelerate this innovation by building higher quality, more affordable, and more convenient medicine, and we need your help. In this hackathon, we ask that you invent a solution that could be part of this disruptive trend.

1. Digital delivery of medicine - provide a solution to a medical or healthcare need using an app, sensors, website etc
2. More efficient medical system - create a solution for better patient / doctor interaction, reduction of cost, and improve quality
3. Medicine for COVID - create a solution that would address medical needs that were caused by COVID or made more severe by it
4. Portable medicine - use a wearable or portable device to improve physical and mental well-being
5. Other innovative ideas

We welcome both functional software solutions and an innovative mock-up of your solution. Our challenge is set to deepen the thinking of ‘What is next in digital medicine and health care delivery’. This industry is rapidly advancing and having a new generation of thinking can help shape how healthcare is delivered digitally.

Capital One: Best Financial Hack

Create the best financial hack for the chance to win an Amazon gift card!

Facebook: Spark AR (3)

Spark AR ( helps creators imagine, build and share augmented reality experiences that reach the billions of people on Facebook and Instagram.

Whether you’re a beginner, using Spark AR templates and libraries to create your first effect, or an experienced pro, using customizations to build more interactive experiences — it’s time to put your creativity to the test.

Using Spark AR Studio, build a World AR ( effect that’s optimized for an exciting new product — Instagram Reels. Reels allows users to record short videos with single or multiple AR effects. We’re looking for submissions that demonstrate an imaginative use of features like plane tracking ( and segmentation ( in an effect that’s fun and tailored for short-form creative performances on Reels.

For additional resources, check out our developer resources at

Submission Guidelines:
- Submit the Share link to the Spark AR effect for Instagram (which includes the effect ID) OR a preview/testing link for unpublished effects.
- Include a video of your completed solution/project.

IBM: The Community Response to COVID-19 (3)

Technology can aid how the community responds to problems caused by COVID-19 separate from government or healthcare officials. This includes how our bedrooms have become our classrooms, how we can know the information we are reading and hearing is accurate, how we can communicate in this crisis and so much more. We're looking to gauge projects outside of healthcare-related solutions that assist or resolve other obstacles presented by this pandemic. Categories for this challenge may include remote education, crisis communication, community cooperation, etc.

To qualify for this challenge all solutions in this category must leverage at least 1 IBM service or API

We will be offering the first place team entry into the Create-X Startup Launch. The second place team will split $500 and the third place team will split $250.

Microsoft Azure Champ Prize - Hack for Good

1. Was the project developed using Microsoft Azure and did it have a positive impact? (required for entry)
2. Does the project address a clear need, problem, or opportunity and is the solution clearly explained? (10 points)
3. Does the project include innovations in technical design and/or implementation of services (e.g., Cognitive Services, Bot Services, IoT Hub, Functions) and/or user experience? (20 points)
4. Does the project have a clear target market or audience? (5 points)
5. Is the project’s purpose and basic functionality easily understood? (5 points)
6. Does the project have a professional degree of production in terms of performance, user interface, visuals, and audio? (10 points)

Winner is highest total score out of 50

Tie-break: Does the team have a credible plan for getting their project to market in terms of business model, any required partnerships, or other factors?

NewsQ for Social Good (8)

Building news ranking and recommendation systems can be tough. There's a lot of opinion amid news articles out there. And maybe what seems important in one culture or language is not as important in another. So how should news algorithms work, especially amid the pitfalls of misinformation, disinformation and partisan bias? What is news, anyway?

Teams will prototype a news ranking and recommendation algorithm/service that surfaces articles from existing news and information online from a country of their choice. Information can come from existing news sites, social media platforms (Twitter, YouTube, Reddit… you name it!), or a combination of both.

Parameters, such as defining what qualifies as news, and more about the challenge and factors for evaluation can be found at

NSIN: Build a Tool to Visualize Relationships and Networks

Turnover in the Army is constant, and contact information and relationships often follow the departing entity. If any data is kept, it is on an Excel “Rolodex” that does not describe how entities are connected or the interaction that was had. We are asking HackGT to create a visual systems engineering/ systems management tool that shows linkage between various nodes and gives the option to describe the relationship (i.e. prior service in the 75th Ranger Regiment, attended UCLA, attended the virtual academic research symposium).

NSIN: Create a Squad Fitness Tracker Interface

The Ranger Regiment is known for its high level of physical fitness. Rangers conduct physical fitness activities mainly at the Squad level (8-10 Rangers). Many of these Rangers use various fitness tracking apps (i.e. Garmin Connect, Bridge, Oura Ring, Whoop), but the information is not shared between apps. We are asking for an interface that includes all relative data from the apps and incorporates it into an easily visualized tracking mechanism.

MLH: Best Domain Registered with

Register a .tech, .space, or .online domain name using during the weekend. Each team may submit one entry per person on the team. Each winning team member will receive a PowerSquare Qi Wireless Phone Charger & Backpack.

MLH: Best Use of Google Cloud

Build your hackathon project with a suite of secure storage, powerful compute, and integrated data analytics products provided by Google Cloud. See full list of products here: Each winning team member will receive a Google Home Mini.

MLH: Best Hardware Hack Sponsored by Digi-Key (2)

Using your preferred hardware or hardware emulator, build a hack for your chance to win a Grove Beginner Kit, with Arduino Uno R3 included. 1 prize for each winning team member with 2 winning teams per event!

MLH: Best use of DataStax Astra

Leverage DataStax Asta's powerful cloud database service in your project this weekend for a chance to win Blue Snowball Microphones. Get started in minutes with 10 GB free, no credit card needed at!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


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Judging Criteria

  • Overall: Project Intentionality
    What is your reasoning for the choices you made to create your project?
  • Overall: Significance
    Does your project add or introduce something new and valuable to the world?
  • Overall: Presentation
    Is your project well documented online? Can you explain your project well to a judge?
  • Overall: Technical Depth
    How did you utilize or integrate the technology in your project? Does it reflect technical skill and understanding?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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